High Alumina Cement

High Alumina Cement is also called Aluminate cement. It is an excellent unshaped refractory materials in RS Factory. The main chemical composition of High Alumina Cement includes calcium aluminate, plus about 50% of the alumina. Get the High Alumina Cement price from RS Supplier by email: sales@clay-brick-price.com. High Alumina Cement Definition High alumina cement is

Refractory Mortar for Sale

Refractory Mortar For Sale in RS Refractory Materials Factory, is a kind of mortar that is featured with refractory performance. Masonry refractory bricks have a special jointing material or bonding material, which is Refractory Mortar. The main features of Refractory Mortars are good plasticity, convenient construction, high bonding strength, and strong corrosion resistance. It can

Alkali Proof Castable High Strength

Buy high quality alkali proof castable high strength cheaply from RS. High strength alkali proof castable is mostly used of all the castable applied in the cement rotary kilns. Due to its’ resistance to alkali gas and clinker or slags with long service life, also with the characteristics of high strength, low bulk density, and

Wear Resistant Refractory Castable

Wear resistant refractory castable is a kind of refractory castable that is resistant to high temperature solid materials or airflow with solid power. It is made of high hardness and high density aggregate, composite powder and special additive. It has the features of high density, high strength, wear and erosion resistance, volume stability, suitable for

Low Cement Castable Refractory Material

Low cement castable for sale at low cost in RS Kiln Refractory by Factory is a type of refractory castable. It have 3~8% cement content and have variety properties of high strength, low porosity, high density, low abrasion, thermal shock resistance and erosion resistance. Low cement castable refractory material is mainly used in metallurgy, electricity,

Corundum Mullite Refractory Castable For Sale

Corundum Mullite Refractory Castable For Sale is the refractory castable, of which Al2O3 is more than 90%. It is made of corundum, dispersant, coagulant, and stainless steel fiber according to a certain formula. Corundum mullite refractory castables have high compressive strength, good high temperature volume stability and thermal shock resistance, excellent wear resistance and erosion resistance. It can

Quality Steel Fiber Reinforced Refractory Castable For Sale

Steel fiber reinforced refractory castable is also called high strength refractory castable, or steel fiber refractory castable. It is made of special bauxite clinker as aggregate, high quality bauxite clinker and corundum powder as matrix, composite materials such as the superfine powder as binder and additives, and heat-resistant stainless steel fiber. It belongs to hydraulic

Ladle Castable

Ladle castable is a kind of refractory materials used for steel ladle, which is made by adding certain amount of binding agent. Ladle castable mainly adopts high alumina and silica refractory materials. Refractory ladle castables can service a long life with safety and stability, which is a relatively ideal refractory material for steel ladle application.

Insulating Castable Refractory

Insulating Castable Refractory is made of aluminate cement, high alumina fines, ceramsite and some other binding agent. Its excellent features of lightweight, high compressive strength, acid and acid gaseous corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, low water absorption, easy construction and etc. This refractory material is the ideal product for positions with alkali erosion in the high
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