Corundum Mullite Refractory Castable For Sale

Corundum Mullite Refractory Castable For Sale is the refractory castable, of which Al2O3 is more than 90%. It is made of corundum, dispersant, coagulant, and stainless steel fiber according to a certain formula. Corundum mullite refractory castables have high compressive strength, good high temperature volume stability and thermal shock resistance, excellent wear resistance and erosion resistance. It can be used for the wear lining of large power station boilers and the lining of other high temperature furnaces.

Corundum Mullite Refractory Castable For Sale
RS Corundum Mullite Refractory Castables For Sale


Corundum Mullite Refractory Castable Specifications

Items RS-18S(GJ-18S) RS-80MC RS-70MC
Chemical composition (%) ≥ Al2O3+SiO 90 80 70
Bulk density dried (kg/cm3) ≥ 110℃×24h 3000 2900 2750
Cold crushing strength Mpa≥ 110℃×24h 150 100 100
1100℃×3h 160 120 110
1500℃×3h 160 120 110
Cold modules of rupture Mpa≥ 110℃×24h 15 12 10
1100℃×3h 20 14 12
1500℃×3h 20 14 12
Permanent linear change (%) 1100℃×3h ±0.3 ±0.3 ±0.3
1500℃×3h ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5
Maximum service temp (℃) 1750 1600 1600
Water addition (%) 4.5-5.0 4.5-5.0 4.5-5.0
application Out, burner Out, burner Out, burner

Corundum Mullite Refractory Castable Components & Properties

People buy corundum refractory castable for the special component. It is a kind of refractory castable that takes corundum as aggregate and power, plus boning agent. It is better than high aluminum refractory castable and mullite refractory castable, such as higher mechanical strength and resistance to abrasion. It has the advantages of corundum castable and mullite castable.

The main raw materials of corundum mullite castable is lightweight aluminium oxide aggregate, high quality pure natural mullite ore, and calcium aluminate cement as the bonding agent. It is made through high temperature burning by the advanced industrial furnace.

Components: lightweight aluminium oxide aggregate, high quality pure natural mullite ore, calcium aluminate cement.

Corundum mullite flexural strength and compressive strength increase first and decrease then with the increase of heat treatment temperature. And when alumina micro power content is 5%, the flexural strength reaches to the top.

Properties: high mechanical strength, wear resistance, light weight, good thermal shock resistance and air tightness, etc.

RS Castable Production Line
RS Castable Production Line

Corundum Mullite Refractory Castable Uses

Corundum mullite refractory castable is featured with high temperature strength, wear resistance, high thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance, and air tightness. In addition, it cures fast with high strength at the early stage. Because of such characters, it is durable in use and is widely applied in circulating fluidized bed boiler, metallurgy, oil chemical, thermal power, and other areas of the industry, such as different industrial kiln, high temperature furnace and other key parts of high temperature, etc.

  1. Boiler, blast furnace,  hot blast stove, heating furnace;
  2. Ceramic tunnel kiln, cement kiln, coal burner;
  3. Furnace door, feed opening, steel furnaces, iron making furnaces;
  4. Combustion chamber, inclined flue;
  5. Large power station boiler, glass kiln, etc.
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Corundum Mullite Refractory Castables Price

Corundum mullite refractory castable price from RS Refractory Supplier is lower than the other manufacturers, for the advantages of abundant and high quality raw materials and convenient transportation. As a professional supplier, RS provides not only the superior products, but also the best services about the delivery and installation, etc. So it has customers from all over the world.

Corundum mullite refractory castable is featured with uniform expansion, excellent thermal shock resistance, high temperature volume stability, high temperature strength, high refractoriness under load, low high-temperature creep rate, high crushing strength, low linear dimensional change rate, high hardness, good resistance to chemical corrosion, spalling and wear resistance. In addition, such product has advantages of anti-scouring, good chemical resistance performance.

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