Ladle Castable

Ladle castable is a kind of refractory materials used for steel ladle, which is made by adding certain amount of binding agent. Ladle castable mainly adopts high alumina and silica refractory materials. Refractory ladle castables can service a long life with safety and stability, which is a relatively ideal refractory material for steel ladle application. As a quality ladle castables refractory manufacturer, Rongsheng Refractory can provide quality refractory ladle catables for customers.

Ladle Castables Steel Fiber Castable
Ladle Castables Steel Fiber Castable

Properties For Ladle Castable

Ladle castables have good fluidity and heat insulation property, which can service under the high temperature environment with high strength. Through appropriate solidification time, ladle castables can be constructed easily, fast and conveniently for saving time.

Ladle Castable for sale is made with quality bauxite clinker, corundum, magnesite, magnesia spinel, submicron powder and mix with different binding agent and additive. Ladle castable refractory has properties of strong erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, good volume stability, which is suitable for large or small size ladle application and service for long life.

Characteristics of Ladle Castable

  • High melting point
  • Low thermal stress
  • Good stability
  • Great slag-corrosion resistance
  • High thermal stability
  • Strong resistance to basic slag erosion
  • Great resistance to all kinds of melt erosion
Refractory Ladle Castable
Refractory Ladle Castable


Application of Ladle Castable

Ladle castable is suitable for high temperature position of industry kiln and permanent lining of steel ladle, and also can be used for other non-ferrous metal metallurgy.

Steel Ladle is used for steel plant, foundry work in open-hearth furnace, electric furnace and converter for receiving molten steel to pouring, and also used for glass kiln, steel furnaces, ceramic tunnel kiln, cement rotary kiln, and iron making furnaces.

Physical And Chemical Index Of Ladle Castables

Ladle Castables


Spinel Aluminum & Magnesium

Mg mass

Al2O3  % ≥88 ≥72 ≥32
SiO2  % / ≥9.5 /
MgO  % ≥7 ≥11 ≥60
Linear Change % 110℃×24h 0-0.2 0-0.2 0-0.2
1550℃×3h 0-0.8 0.5-1.5 0.5-1.2
Bulk Density (g/cm3) 110℃×24h ≥3.10 ≥2.90 ≥2.90
1550℃×3h ≥2.95 ≥2.80 ≥2.80
Modules of Rupture (MPa) 110℃×24h ≥7 ≥9 ≥6
1550℃×3h ≥8 ≥9 ≥8
Cold Crushing Strength (MPa) 110℃×24h ≥30 ≥60 ≥45
1550℃×3h ≥70 ≥60 ≥40
Amount of water (%) 5.0-6.0 5.0-6.0 5.0-6.0

Cheap Ladle Castables For Sale Manufacturer

Use ladle castables those are not only lower the manufacturing cost, but also cam lower workers’ labor intensity, which is mainly performed on using agitator to conduct ladle castables during the construction process and completely takes advantage of mechanical equipment to raise labour productivity. But use magnesia carbon brick that will completely rely on workers’ building by handwork, which is not only very hard but also constructed very slow. Consider steelmaking industry in our nation, steel ladle of converter steelmaking with lower 80 tons steel ladle commonly use refractory ladle castables.

Rongsheng is a professional refractory bricks and castables materials manufacturer that can provide you with quality steel fiber castable refractory for ladle at low cost. If you are interested in RS Manufacturer, please contact us for more information. We will be always glad to reply you at the first time after receiving your enquiry.