Refractory Mortar for Sale

Refractory Mortar For Sale in RS Refractory Materials Factory, is a kind of mortar that is featured with refractory performance. Masonry refractory bricks have a special jointing material or bonding material, which is Refractory Mortar. The main features of Refractory Mortars are good plasticity, convenient construction, high bonding strength, and strong corrosion resistance. It can be used in the high temperature environments. Especially for the industrial furnaces, such as the metallurgy industry, iron and steel, boilers and power industry, etc.

RS Refractory Mortar for Sale
RS Refractory Mortar for Sale

Refractory Mortar For Sale

Refractory mortar for sale means that, When building refractory bricks, a binder is used, and this binder is called Refractory Mortar or jointing material (after mixing with water, it is called refractory mud). It is the main auxiliary material for the construction of refractory bricks, and it is also the joint filler for the bonding of refractory bricks to refractory bricks. With the high refractoriness, strong bond strength and so on. Refractory Mortar is an ideal jointing material or bonding material for the high temperature uses.

The Composition of Refractory Mortar

Refractory Mortar is composed of refractory powder and admixture. Almost all refractory raw materials can be made into powders for formulating Refractory Mortar.

Refractory Mortar should be selected according to the refractory bricks used in the masonry, and cannot be mixed. Refractory Mortar is divided according to material: clay, high alumina, silicon, magnesium, carbon, corundum, mullite and other finished binders. Such as masonry high alumina bricks using high alumina refractory mortar, masonry magnesia bricks using magnesia refractory mortar, masonry silicon bricks using silicon refractory mortar and so on.

Particle size requirements of refractory mortar

The particle size of RS refractory mortar for sale varies according to the requirements of use, and its limit particle size is generally less than 1mm, and some are less than 0.5mm or less. When selecting the material of refractory mortar, it should be considered to be consistent with the material of the masonry refractory products.

refractory mortar rs
refractory mortar rs

Classification of Refractory Mortar

The refractory mortar is supplied in a dry powder form. When used, a liquid gelling agent is mixed and stirred to form a thick and moderate slurry. These muds are collectively referred to as high-temperature refractory mud, high-temperature refractory mortar, or high-temperature binder.

Firstly, according to the combination of liquid gelling agents: water glass combined refractory mortar, phosphoric acid combined refractory mortar, aluminum phosphate combined refractory mortar, etc.

Secondly, the ordinary refractory mortar, which is made of refractory clinker powder and a suitable amount of binder, has low strength at normal temperature, and it has high strength when it forms a ceramic bond at high temperature. A chemically bonded refractory mortar using a gas-hard or thermosetting bonding material as a bonding agent produces a certain chemical reaction and hardens before the temperature at which the ceramic bonding is formed.

Next, According to chemical characteristics, it is divided into acid refractory mortar, neutral refractory mortar and alkaline mortar. In addition, there are refractory mortars for special occasions.

In summary,

Classification of Refractory Mortar for Sale

Refractory Mortar For Sale Construction Method

As is mentioned above, the refractory mortar material should be consistent with that of the brickwork materials. Refractory mortar can be used not only for pointing, but also can be used as the protection lining of the body, being applied in the method of painting or spraying.

Refractory Mortar Applications

In addition to being used as a jointing material, refractory mortar can also be used as a protective coating for linings by application or spraying. Usually, it is used in the metallurgical industry, building materials, machinery, petrochemical industry, glass industry, power industry, iron and steel industry, and cement industry, etc.

For the industrial furnaces, RS Supplier can not only provide Refractory Mortar for Sale but also the construction. Well, for the home use, we only offer wholesale, no retail.

RS Refractory Mortar Manufacturer
RS Refractory Mortar Manufacturer

RS Refractory Mortar Supplier

RS Refractory Materials Manufacturer is a professional refractory mortar supplier, specialized in refractory mortar for more than 10 years. Refractory Mortar For Sale from RS is sold well in many countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Iraq, India, America, Japan, Korea and etc.

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