What is High-silicon Silico Manganese

High-silicon Silico Manganese, also called low carbon Silico Manganese. It is a high-purity alloy with very low harmful and impurity elements (C, S, P, Fe). It is a good deoxidizer in the steelmaking process. High-silicon Silico Manganese alloy is an intermediate product of smelting metallic manganese. Compared with ordinary Silico Manganese, the deoxidation and reduction in the steelmaking process are increased by 2-3 times. Get more details about the High-silicon Silico Manganese Price.

High-silicon Silico Manganese
High-silicon Silico Manganese

Introduction of High-silicon Silico Manganese

By the Silico Manganese Suppliers, internationally, High-silicon Silico Manganese is used extensively when smelting stainless steel and special low-carbon steel. Many large domestic steel companies in China have also begun to attach importance to low-carbon, high-silicon, silicon-silicon-manganese with high main element content and low impurity content. In the trend of improving product quality and reducing costs, high-silicon-silicon-manganese will soon be used as a deoxidizer for steelmaking as in the world.

Nowadays, High-silicon Silico Manganese (also called low-carbon silicon-manganese alloy) is widely used in the smelting of stainless steel and special low-carbon steel, such as the United States, Britain, Norway, Japan, Spain, India and other countries. South Korea’s Posco alone uses 35,000 tons of high silicon silicon manganese (low carbon silicon manganese alloy) every year.

RS Silico Manganese Suppliers
RS Silico Manganese Suppliers

High-silicon Silico Manganese Specification

Grades Chemical Composition %
Main Composition % Impurity Content %
Mn Si C P S
Mn55Si26 >55 >26 <0.2 <0.1 <0.02
Mn60Si28 >60 >28 <0.15 <0.1 <0.02
Mn55Si30 >55 >30 <0.1 <0.1 <0.02

What is Silicon Manganese?

First of all, the name is different from ordinary silicon manganese.

Because High-silicon Silico Manganese is different from ordinary Silico Manganese in element composition. High-silicon Silico Manganese generally contains high silicon (Si> 22%) and low content of impurities Fe, C, and P (C <0.5%, P <0.15%).

Secondly, it is the differences of the raw materials and equipment parameter conditions.

To produce high-silicon silicomanganese that meets the specifications, the standard for manganese raw materials entering the furnace is much stricter than ordinary silicomanganese. The manganese raw material must be high-grade (Mn> 42%) manganese ore with low phosphorus and iron.

On the other hand, the smelting of high silicon silicon manganese requires a higher reduction furnace temperature than ordinary silicon manganese. In other words, it is necessary to grasp the blast furnace temperature required for reducing silicon and the problems of burning and volatilization of manganese with a lower boiling point.

High-Silicon Silico Manganese Manufacturers
High-Silicon Silico Manganese Manufacturers

High-silicon Silico Manganese Uses

In China, some steel mills have used High-silicon Silico Manganese (low-carbon silicon-manganese alloy) instead of ferrosilicon and expensive low-carbon ferromanganese as deoxidants for steelmaking. For example, a steel plant uses low-carbon high-silicon silicon-manganese alloys with Si> 25% and C <0.5% instead of C <0.7% low-carbon ferromanganese to produce wire steel and Q195 steel. The cost is greatly reduced and the product quality is stable.

Many large domestic iron and steel enterprises in China are interested in the excellent properties of low-carbon, high-silicon, Silico Manganese, high main element content, and low impurity content. It can be expected that under the trend of improving product quality and reducing costs, Chinese domestic steel companies will soon use high-silicon-silico-manganese (low-carbon silicon-manganese alloy) as a deoxidizer for steelmaking as soon as the world. Contact silico manganese manufacturers for more details, such as the silico manganese price.

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