Magnesia Alumina Bricks

Magnesia alumina brick is an alkaline refractory product with periclase as the main crystal phase and magnesia alumina spinel as the matrix. Its alumina content is 5%-10%, which has good thermal shock resistance. According to Rongsheng Refractory Bricks Manufacturer, In order to improve the thermal shock resistance of magnesia bricks, alumina or special-grade high alumina

Silica Bricks for Sale

Refractory bricks with SiO2 content above 93% are called silica bricks. It is made of quartz stone as raw material, after crushing, adding an appropriate amount of binder, mineralizer, and part of siliceous clinker, after mixing, forming and drying, it is calcined in a kiln at 1400-1430℃. Rongsheng Silica Bricks for Sale as acidic refractory

What is High Temperature Alumina Refractory Brick?

At room temperature, the thermal conductivity of aluminum oxide is half that of aluminum metal, which decreases with increasing temperature. The thermal shock resistance of Alumina Refractory Brick depends on its microstructure and the shape and size of the product. Generally speaking, its thermal shock resistance is moderate. In short, alumina has the characteristics of

Magnesia Spinel Refractory Bricks

Magnesia Spinel Refractory Bricks can be simply called spinel refractory bricks, which is an alkali refractory. Spinel refractory bricks are featured with spalling resistance, high temperature creep resistance, high refractoriness under load, slag resistance, and good thermal shock resistance. It has now being widely used in the lining of the ladle, open hearth, and the

Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Magnesia carbon bricks belong to magnesia carbon refractory. RS Refractory Supplier produces and  sales all kinds of magnesia refractory bricks. With high quality, RS magnesia carbon bricks are featured with high temperature resistance, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock resistance, and low high temperature creep rate. The Mg Carbon Bricks are usually used in converter,

AZS Brick

AZS Brick is a kind of fused cast AZS brick with high refractoriness and high intensity. The AZS Refractory Bricks are mainly used to build glass furnace for resisting high temperature and melt glass corrosion, which will save much more energy. AZS Refractory Brick AZS Refractory Brick for sale in RS Fire Bricks Factory is

Magnesia Chrome Brick

Magnesia Chrome Brick is a kind of basic refractory brick with more than 90% magnesium oxide content. Just like the meaning of its name, the forsterite is the main crystal phase. Which has excellent properties of high temperature strength, good thermal shock resistance, high refractoriness and strong basic slag erosion resistance. This kind of refractory

Sillimanite Bricks

Sillimanite Bricks Sillimanite Bricks Specification Sillimanite Bricks Application Sillimanite Bricks Suppliers in Mumbai Sillimanite Refractory Bricks   Sillimanite Bricks are produced with sillimanite minerals through high temperature firing method or slurry casting, which is a kind of quality refractory bricks with various excellent features of high temperature wear resistance and high strength for application in

Zirconia Brick

Zirconia Bricks, a kind of shaped refractory brick, are manufactured with stable zircon sand and over 64% zircon content. Zirconia Fire Brick belongs to acid refractory material with various properties of high mechanical strength, good thermal shock resistance, high refractoriness under load, strong erosion resistance and high density and etc. RS Fire Bricks Factory provide

Silica Refractory Brick

Silica Refractory Brick is a kind of quality refractory materials products with over 93% SiO2 content. Silica Fire Brick has excellent features of good resistance to acid corrosion, great heat conductivity, high refractoriness under load at over 1620℃. Rongsheng Fire Bricks Factory provide you with the high quality silica bricks, Quick Free Quote! Silica Refractory
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