Carbon Bricks

Carbon Bricks are kind of neutral refractory materials that can resist high temperature erosion, which are manufactured with carbonaceous as the raw material and added suitable binding agent. RS Fire Bricks, such as carbon Brick can be used in the blast furnace to built furnace bottom and hearth with its features of good thermal shock

High Alumina Refractory Bricks

High Alumina Refractory Bricks for sale in RS Refractory Bricks Manufacturer is a kind of common used fire bricks that can be used for industrial furnaces and kilns with various features of good thermal shock resistance, high temperature application, slag erosion resistance and so on. RS has more than 10 years production experiences for high

Acid Proof Bricks

Acid Proof Bricks are fire bricks with strong acid resistance and can be widely used in industries. Acid Proof Brick is the ideal choose for your project with their features of proof pressure, corrosion resistance, easy to clean and acid-base resistance. This kind of brick has dense structure, which can resist any PH indicator alkaline

Alumina Bubble Bricks

Alumina Bubble Bricks are manufactured with alumina bubble ball and alumina powder as the main raw materials and combine with other binding agents through firing in the high temperature of 1750℃, which belong to a kind of refractory materials with features of super high temperature, saving energy and thermal insulation. RS Refractory Factory produces and

Refractory Brick for Sale

Refractory Brick for sale, is briefly called fire brick that has certain shapes and sizes. Refractory brick includes different types of burnt brick, unburned brick, fused cast brick and refractory insulating brick according to different manufacturing processes. Refractory bricks as excellent kiln refractory material, can be used as refractory linings and structure for kiln and
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