Sintered Chrome Corundum Bricks

There are two types of chromium corundum bricks:  Cast Chrome Corundum Bricks and Sintered Chrome Corundum Bricks. In general, chrome corundum brick refers to Sintered Chrome Corundum Bricks. Using α-Al2O3 as raw material, adding an appropriate amount of chromium oxide powder and fine chrome corundum clinker powder, after forming, sintering at high temperature.

The chromium oxide content of Sintered Chrome Corundum Bricks is generally lower than that of Cast Chrome Corundum Bricks. Sintered Chrome Corundum Bricks can be prepared by the slurry casting method. The α-Al2O3 powder and the chromium oxide powder are uniformly mixed, and the glue and organic binder are added to make a thick slurry. At the same time, part of the chromium corundum clinker is added, and the brick is made by grouting and then fired. It can be used as a glass kiln lining and a brick for drawing glass flow hole cover. It can also be used for hot metal pretreatment devices, garbage incinerators, the backing of coal water slurry pressurized gasifier, etc.

Rongsheng Sintered Chrome Corundum Bricks
Rongsheng Sintered Chrome Corundum Bricks

Performance of Sintered Chrome Corundum Brick

The normal temperature compressive strength of Sintered Chrome Corundum Brick is generally >100MPa, and its strength is significantly higher than that of corundum brick. The raw material used in the chrome corundum brick product is a solid solution synthesized by high temperature melting of alumina and chromium oxide in a certain proportion. The use of special refractory material production technology to make refractory bricks can improve and enhance the internal quality of the product and the high-temperature performance of the product. This is due to the formation of Al2O3-Cr2O3 solid solutions between particles, particles and fine powder, and between fine powder and fine powder during the firing of the product. The solid solution connects the particles and fine powder together like a bridge, which greatly improves the strength of the material.

Therefore, chrome corundum bricks have the characteristics of high refractoriness, high strength, good thermal shock stability, and strong corrosion resistance. In use, it is resistant to erosion, abrasion, erosion, and structural peeling. It has achieved good results in metallurgy, glass, carbon black, and petrochemical industries.

High-Quality Chrome Corundum Bricks
High-Quality Chrome Corundum Bricks

Application of Sintered Chrome Corundum Bricks

In recent years, Sintered Chrome Corundum Bricks have been widely used in the lining of industrial kilns because of their high temperature and corrosion resistance.

Sintered chrome corundum bricks are used in the flue and rising parts of the glass fiber pool. Highly corroded parts in the non-ferrous metal and glass industries. In the heat-insulating glass wool and rock wool fiber furnace, the wall, bottom, channel and other parts of the glass contacting glass are useful for sintering chrome corundum bricks. There are also ceramic frit glaze furnace discharge ports, metallurgical molten pools, and rotary furnaces, zinc oxide melting furnaces, garbage incinerators, etc.

Sintered chrome corundum bricks are suitable for the superstructure and nozzle bricks of glass wool and rock wool fiber furnaces. Sintered chrome corundum bricks are also used on the upper part of the wall of the regenerative kiln of the glass furnace fueled by petroleum coke powder.

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