High Quality Alumina Bubble Brick from Factory

High quality alumina bubble brick is one kind of alumina insulation refractory brick. The alumina bubble and alumina power, plus other binders are the raw materials. This alumina bricks are produced in the process of high temperature firing. As one kind of high temp insulation material, the bricks are with features of high mechanical strength and light weight. High quality alumina bubble brick from RS Factory is widely used in the gasifier used in the petrochemical industry, reaction furnace used in the carbon industry, the induction furnace used in the metallurgical industry, and high temperature furnace.

RS Alumina Bubble Brick for Sale
RS Alumina Bubble Brick for Sale

Alumina Bubble Brick Components

Alumina bubble brick is made of the alumina hollow ball, the sintered alumina power, and the binder according to a certain proportion, being manufactured in the process of molding, drying, and firing. It is made of the alumina by means of smelting blowing in the electric furnace. Among the raw materials, the grain size of the alumina hollow ball is about 5-0.5mm, alumina power is about 30%-35%, and the binder is about 5%. And the hollow ball can be used as the insulation filler at high temperature, or super high temperature, high temperature concrete, and high temperature castable, etc. Alumina power is always made of industrial alumina after firing, grinding, pickling and drying at the high temperature 1500℃. As for the binder, alumina sulphate solution is usually used.

High Quality Alumina Bubble Brick from RS Factory
High Quality Alumina Bubble Brick from RS Factory

The Raw Material Components and Process

Alumina hollow ball:  grain size is about 5-0.5mm

Sintered alumina power:  30%-35%

Binders:   5%

Manufacturing process: molding, drying, and firing

Alumina Bubble Brick Properties

There are so many closed pores on the alumina bubble brick, the bulk density is about 1.1-1.5g/cm3, much lower than the other refractory bricks. So that the bricks are light in weight, have features of excellent thermal shock resistance, and strong resistance to the erosion of the gas or slags. In addition, alumina bubble refractory brick has thermal insulation properties, and low thermal conductivity, thus reducing the heat dissipation and improving the furnace heat efficiency, shortening the production period, and saving energy about 30%. When the alumina bubble bricks are used in the insulation layer, there will be about 1.1-1.9 ton bricks and 80% insulation materials can be saved. In Addition, because of the good structure, alumina bubble brick has high mechanical strength.

Alumina Bubble Brick Properties
Alumina Bubble Brick Properties

Features of the Alumina Bubble Bricks

Excellent thermal shock resistance

Strong resistance to the erosion of the gas or slags

Good thermal insulation properties

Low thermal conductivity

Low bulk density and light weight

Alumina Bubble Brick Applications

Alumina bubble bricks are usually used in the high temperature thermal equipment of the following industries, such as metallurgy industry, refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry and glass industry, etc. Specific use of the following parts:

Alumina Bubble Brick Application

Alumina Bubble Brick Application

Induction furnace

Nitriding furnace, cracking furnace

Hot blast furnace

Heating furnace, electric furnace

Down draft kiln, shuttle kiln

Tunnel kiln, gasifier, etc.

As the lining in the thermal furnaces, the alumina bubble refractory can resistant to high temperature, save energy. The high-light is lightweight. And it can also be used in all kinds of atmosphere, because of its volume stability.

Alumina Bubble Brick Factories

Zhengzhou Rongsheng Kiln Refractory Co. Ltd, with the abundant high quality materials and convenient transportation, neighboring the Longhai and Jingguang railway lines, provide favorable conditions for the production of the refractory materials. After more tan decades of hardworking and development, it has become a comprehensive enterprise producing refractory materials for metallurgy, building materials, electric power and chemical industry, etc.

RS Alumina Bubble Brick Supplier
RS Alumina Bubble Brick Supplier

RS owns 2 factories, the castable factory and the refractory bricks factory, by the scientific management, sound customer information management system and abundant products, Rongsheng provides satisfactory, timely, and efficient services to the consumers, and has gained satisfactory feedback from our customers. Rongsheng has always been adhering to the business purpose of honesty, respectful, innovation, and dedication. It will persist the strategic developing road based on quality and cheap to establish its own brand.

If you are looking for the firebricks by factory, such as the alumina bubble bricks, please contact us, we will give you back as soon as possible.