High Quality Carbon Bricks Manufacturer

Carbon bricks, as one kind of the carbon refractory bricks, contain carbon more than 80%. Due to the carbon has stable chemical stability,which is resistant to chemical attack, such as the erosion of acid, alkali, salinity, and organic solvent. So that the carbon bricks are the ideal material for lining vessels that is under severe chemical or physical operating conditions. High quality carbon bricks manufacturer, Rongsheng has exported carbon bricks to India, etc. countries.

High Quality Carbon Bricks
High Quality Carbon Bricks

Carbon Bricks Composition

The carbon bricks composition can affect its properties. The raw materials of carbon bricks are anthracite, coke, and graphite. The binders are like asphalt, tar, and anthracene oil, etc.

Burned granular anthracite is the aggregate of carbon bricks, accounting for 60%. The size of the particle depends on the volume of the products: for the large brick, it is about 8-12mm, and for the small one, it is about 4-6mm.

As for the asphalt, it should be melted and dehydrated before being used, making the moisture is less than 0.2%. and the dehydration temperature should be at 120 ~ 160 ℃. In addition, powered coke or coal power is added as the protection filling in the firing process of firing, to prevent the adobe from oxidation.

Those above are the carbon bricks composition. And it determines the carbon bricks properties. such as stable chemical stability, resistant to chemical attack, such as the erosion of acid, alkali, salinity, and organic solvent. etc. RS carbon bricks manufacturer can supply you with the high quality carbon bricks.

Carbon Refractory Bricks
Carbon Refractory Bricks

Carbon Bricks Manufacturing Process

When knows about the raw materials, and the manufacturing process is following. carbon bricks manufacturing processing is almost the same as that of the other refractory bricks. With the sintering temperature at 1300 ~ 1450 ℃, holding time about 20 hours, the total firing time 240 ~ 420 hours, and drawing at 40 ~ 60 ℃. But the calcination of the raw material and firing and products must at the reducing atmosphere, to prevent carbon from oxidation at high temperature. In summary,

  • Sintering temperature: 1300 ~ 1450 ℃
  • Holding time : 20 hours
  • Total firing time: 240 ~ 420 hours
  • Drawing temperature: 40 ~ 60 ℃
Carbon Bricks
Carbon Bricks

Carbon Bricks Uses

As carbon bricks are featured with good thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent thermal conductivity, etc. Carbon bricks uses are widely in the metallurgical industry, especially in the blast furnace. The detailed application parts are like:

  • Bottom and hearth of the blast furnace,
  • Lining of the bosh, and launder;
  • Aluminum reduction cell, and ladle;
  • Pickling tank, and reaction tank;
  • Calcium carbide furnace, and ferroalloy furnace;
  • Plating bath, and autoclave, etc.
Rongsheng Carbon Brick Manufacturer
Rongsheng Carbon Bricks Manufacturer

Carbon Bricks Manufacturer

The above you can learn about the carbon bricks primary info. No matter you are the buyer or the visitor who just pass by. I think you are interested in the carbon bricks. RS high quality carbon bricks manufacturer can supply you the one suitable for you.

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