Properties and Uses of Refractory Cement Castable

Monolithic refractories are divided into refractory castables, ramming mass materials, spray refractory materials and other types according to the construction method. Among them, castable refractory are commonly used as kiln linings refractory materials. Refractory castable is composed of refractory aggregate, refractory powder, additives and binding agent. Properties and Uses of Refractory Cement Castable. According to different requirements of refractory lining for thermal equipment, refractory castables of different materials can be produced. Commonly used refractory castables are like aluminum silicate castables, clay castables, high aluminum castables, mullite castables, etc.

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Refractory Cement Castable Composition

Refractory cement castable is a refractory castable processed with refractory cement as a binder. The refractory aggregate can be selected from high-quality materials such as clay, high aluminum, mullite and corundum. According to specific requirements, refractory fiber can also be added.

Boiler Refractory Cement

Refractory cement is made of high quality bauxite and lime. The raw material is blended into a certain amount of ingredients according to a certain proportion, which is obtained after sintering. The clinker with aluminate as the main component is ground into a fine powder to make a hydraulic cement with fire resistance. According to different components, it can be divided into high alumina cement, dolomite cement, calcium magnesium aluminate cement, etc. Refractory cement, as a binder or refractory powder when making refractory castables, can make refractory castables combine and coagulate quickly.

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Castable Materials

When making refractory cement castable, adding refractory cement can improve high-temperature serviceability and high-temperature stability. Refractory cement castables are generally used as refractory products for furnace lining material. During on-site construction, it is necessary to pre-mix the castable refractory with the binder, then add appropriate water, and then pour it into the installed lining mold after evenly mixing. It can be put into use after curing, demoulding and baking with the vibrating rod vibration forming.

Refractory cement castable, can be conveniently constructed. And because it can quickly harden in a short time. Moreover, after high-temperature sintering, its structure is denser, high-temperature volume stability is good, and the characteristics of resistance to slag corrosion and erosion are significantly improved. Refractory cement castables are commonly used kiln linings materials. It has a wide range of uses, and is commonly used in high-temperature industrial kilns in various industries such as blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, heating furnaces, boilers, and pellet furnaces.

RS Refractory Castable Manufacturer
RS Refractory Castable Manufacturer

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