What are the Raw Materials for Magnesia Carbon Bricks?

Magnesia carbon bricks are used in the slag line parts of various ladle refining furnaces due to their excellent slag resistance, slag penetration resistance, and thermal shock resistance. The reason why magnesia carbon bricks have such unique properties is inseparable from the raw materials of magnesia carbon bricks. Among them, magnesia and graphite maintain their own characteristics and make up for their shortcomings.

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Raw Materials for Magnesia Carbon Bricks

When producing mag carbon bricks, magnesia and graphite are required as the main raw materials, as well as binders and additives.

(1) Magnesia sand for the production of magnesia-carbon bricks, MgO content is up to about 96%, particle volume density is greater than 3.5/cm3, CaO/SiO2>2, Fe2O3<1, porosity is less than 3%, large crystal size.

(2) Graphite is required to be flake graphite, the fixed carbon content is not less than 92%, the ash content of SiO2 and Al2O3 is small, and the amount of its addition should vary according to the location of use. As a magnesia carbon brick for converter lining, the addition amount is 15-20%.

(3) Additives choose different additives according to different parts of use. Generally, add AI and Si. The added amount should be appropriate. The particle size of additives should generally be less than 0.15mm.

(4) The binder has good wettability with magnesia and graphite, and it can be made into good mud with little addition, that is, good viscosity. And the chemical reaction with the aggregate is as small as possible. After its mixing, the change of the mud with time will be smaller. It should contain sufficient fixed carbon content. It does not contain harmful ingredients. The amount of addition should be appropriate.


The Role of Magnesia Carbon Brick Raw Materials

The excellent slag resistance, erosion resistance, and thermal shock resistance of magnesia-carbon bricks are largely determined by the role of graphite. RS fire bricks for sale. Mag carbon bricks as kinds of refractory materials,  Graphite can effectively prevent the penetration of slag, improve the thermal conductivity of the brick, and reduce the modulus of elasticity. However, increasing the graphite content will reduce the strength of the brick and reduce the oxidation resistance. When the amount of graphite added is 10%-20%, the magnesia carbon brick has the best corrosion resistance.

The crystal size of periclase has a great influence on the anti-erosion performance of magnesia-carbon bricks. Since the grain size of fused magnesia is larger than that of sintered magnesia, fused magnesia is commonly used in magnesia-carbon bricks.

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