Where to Buy Cheap Acid Resistant Concrete

Acid Resistant Concrete also has a name called acid concrete. Acid concrete as one type of refractory castable, it can resist the acidic medium at 800-1200℃. It is consist of 60% aggregates(including acid and fire proof aggregates), 30% powders, about 13%-16% sodium silicate solution with density of 1.38 1.42 g/cm3, sodium fluorosilicate are added as hardening agent. Where to buy cheap acid resistant concrete? RS Refractory Supplier can help you find the answers.

Acid Resistant Concrete Mortar
Acid Resistant Concrete Mortar

RS Acid Resistant Concrete for Sale

As one kind of the acid proof catable, a monolithic refractory, acid resistant concrete has the same features as the others. Commonly, it can be used directly without firing. Compared with the other unshaped refractory, acid resistant concrete has good mobility with more bonding agents and water. It could be used for the pouring lining body, and be made into precast blocks by pouring and vibration. The simply processing progress saves much time. With high mechanization degree, easy construction, good material utilization, and high strength at room temperature, it can be installed on the thermal equipment at site.

Obviously, the unique advantages of acid-resistant concrete are recognized by everyone in the industry.

RS Refractory Supplier is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in refractory concrete, such as acid resistant concrete for more than decades. It has produced and sold more than 2000 series of refractories used in various industrial kilns or furnaces all around the world.

The refractory factories have perfect production equipment and testing instrument.The refractory product has passed ISO9001: 2005 Quality System Certification, Environmental Management System Certification, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

With the professional and strict attitudes at every producing process, the RS Refractory Company has received the unanimous recognition and praise from its customers. Buy acid-resistant concrete, Please choose RS Supplier. We will never let you down.

RS Acid Refractory Concrete
RS Acid Refractory Concrete

Acid Resistant Concrete Characteristics

Acid resistant concrete belongs to monolithic refractory, which has so many  features, such as:

  • Strong acid or acidic slags
  • High porosity
  • High temperature mechanical properties
  • Strong plasticity
  • Good thermal shock resistance and wear resistance
  • Excellent liquidity and integrity, etc.

And due to the slow-release expansion agent, this refractory material has good integrity, avoiding cracks at high temperature.

Acid Resistant Concrete Composition

Acid concrete is made of sodium silicate as the bond, acidic aggregates such as silica, cast stone, wax stone, and chamotte, etc. And acidic power such as silica power, cast stone power, high siliceous clay clinker power, etc. and with coagulant.

Acid Resistant Castable for Sale
Acid Resistant Castable for Sale

Acid Resistant Concrete Application

Owing to easy availability and low price of such raw materials, acid concrete is widely used in the thermal equipment of metallurgy, petroleum, light industry, power industry, chemical industry, farm chemicals, food, building material, electrical and mechanical industrial kiln and thermal equipment, etc.

  • Liners of the acid chimney and the acidic corrosion containers
  • Lining of the liquid sulfur pool and the acid recycling furnace
  • Anti corrosion flue, fermentation pool, and reaction kettle or tank
  • Acid storage tank and acid pickling
  • Electroplating industrial departments
  • Electrolytic cell, etc.

What’s More,

RS Refractory Supplier also have professional sales and after-sales service team, from the pre-sale, communicate the details, to the after sale. We can serve you in applications, construction and installation, operation etc. RS acid resistant concrete has export to Japan, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, etc. are all well praised. Waiting for your inquiry and sincerely welcome our friendly cooperation in business and technologies!